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Government AgenciesGovernment Health Agencies are health organizations that are administrated by the government. These may be municipal, provincial, or federal, and could include the health care system, health research, health products, environment and workplace health, and food and nutrition.

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Listings by Country (Total Listings: 3)
Australia 1 United States 2
Listings by Subcategory
Government Agencies 3 Home Care 1 Medical Insurance 3
Psychology & Counseling 5 Speech Therapy 11 Podiatric Medicine 9
Resources 3 Consultants 1 Addiction Services 65
Fertility Clinics 10 Physical Therapy 10 Neonatal & Pediatric 2
Plastic Surgery 2 Urology 11 Spas 6
Allergies & Asthma 4 Women's Health 26 Weight Loss & Diet 17
Audiology & Hearing 2 Aesthetics & Cosmetic Treatments 1 Osteoporosis 30

Government Agencies

Alabama Department of Public Health

Alabama Department of Public Health

The RSA Tower, 201 Monroe Street, Montgomery, AL, United States   36104

Phone: 334-206-5300 (8am - 5pm)  
Providing caring, high quality and professional services for the improvement and protection of the public’s health
Women’s Health Services

Women’s Health Services

100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, WA, Australia

Phone: (08) 9227-8122 E-Mail

Washington, DC, United States

Phone: 1-800-994-9662  
The Federal Government Source for Women's Health Information

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Health Services
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