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Gourmet Fare for the Home Cook

(NC)—Having a stash of easy and impressive recipes allows a home cook to be creative and extraordinary any night of the week. This restaurant-inspired recipe from the Almond Board of California was created for the experimental home cook who wants an ultimate taste and culinary experience at home, but doesn't want the expense of eating out. Try this fun, flavourful dish, which is versatile as a warm salad or a side dish. Use fresh artichoke hearts for their unparalleled fresh flavour, or save time by using artichoke hearts from a jar. Either way, the almonds, lemon and herbs beautifully enhance the tender artichoke hearts and bright red bell pepper. For more almond-inspired recipes, visit

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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DateAppetizers TitleSource
Feb 2007  Lemon-Herb Hearts with Chopped Almonds and Red Pepper 
Jan 2007  Gourmet Fare for the Home Cook 
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