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A top ten list for moms on the run: what to do when you need a little down time

(NC)—For many women, the idea of a little indulgence for themselves, especially during tough economic times, has become a lost pleasure. Mothers are especially frugal when it comes to taking time out for themselves according to a recent Angus Reid poll conducted by the Quaker brand.

Here's a simple list of things every mom can do, to create a little indulgence in their life:

1. Take a few minutes to read a book, the newspaper or a favourite magazine each day.

2. Don't fight the urge to snack. Just enjoy a light, portion-control snack that limits calories but provides a needed treat.

3. Phone a friend and enjoy an adult conversation that doesn't centre on your kids or chores.

4. Put your feet up and watch a favourite TV program or movie.

5. Buy something small that brightens up your day, like a new shade of lipstick or nail polish.

6. Enjoy peace and quiet. Turn off your cell phone and put the house phone on mute.

7. Put on a favourite CD and slip into a warm candle-lit bubble bath.

8. Plan a girls' night out with your friends.

9. Organize a spa visit, even if it's just a polish change to freshen up your toes for summer shoes.

10. Plan a romantic vacation or a weekend getaway, where you can have some adult fun while the kids stay with your in-laws.

- News Canada

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