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Common Wisdom About the Common Cold
Fact? or Myth?

You catch colds from others. FACT.

The common cold is spread from hand to hand and through the air.

Prevention: Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Avoid contact with people who have colds. Coughing without covering your nose and mouth is not just bad manners, it can spread the cold virus.

Take antibiotics for a bad cold. MYTH.

The common cold is a virus and antibiotics do NOT kill viruses. Those who overuse antibiotic medications risk weakening their immune systems and killing off healthy bacteria in their bodies.

Prevention: Don't wait till your immune system is weakened. To support a strong immune system, take plenty of vitamin C, especially a time release or Ester-C product that stays in your body longer; supplement with a standardized, clinically tested echinacea like Echinilin; be sure to take your multivitamin and probiotics (yogurt or acidophilus supplements) and to get lots of rest, exercise and pure drinking water.

Cold wet weather increases cold risk. MYTH.

The weather has little to do with your risk of catching cold. Summer colds are quite common. However, when the temperature drops more people stay indoors where they may be in contact with more people who have colds.

Prevention: Whatever the weather, remember your immune system needs support and take steps as mentioned above.

Echinacea is an effective herbal remedy for colds. FACT.

Fact: While not all herbal products have been thoroughly tested and proven, you can get results with standardized Echinacea products (like Echinilin, Cold-A-Tak and EchinaMax) because standardization means guaranteed levels of the herbal components that have been shown to enhance immune activity. There are also cold formulas that have other effective herbal ingredients as well as echinacea.

Prevention: Choose standardized, clinically tested herbal products for immune support you can count on. Avoid addictive pharmaceutical preparations that mask symptoms but don't also build immunity.

Just wait a week and your cold will be over! MYTH.

This may work for some people, but 7 days is still too long to suffer if you don't have to, and many people find their colds drag on for weeks! Colds can also lead to ear infections, bronchitis and sinusitis, especially in children. Why not prevent the cold, or stop it in its tracks by supporting your body's natural defences?

Prevention: Choose natural immune builders, like vitamin C and standardized, clinically tested herbal products for immune support you can count on. Avoid addictive pharmaceutical preparations that mask symptoms but don't enhance immunity.

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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