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Allergy Myths Dispelled

(NC)-Think you know everything about seasonal allergies? Here are some popular myths - debunked.

Myth: You can't develop allergies as an adult.

Fact: Allergies are inherited, although they can also develop on their own in later life. A newly introduced allergen can trigger an allergic reaction in an adult that can often be confused with a cold, so it's important to know the difference. Seasonal allergy symptoms occur all at once, while cold symptoms appear one at a time. Another important difference is that colds tend to last up to ten days, while allergic reactions will remain until the allergen is removed.

Myth: Taking one brand of allergy medicine will build up intolerance.

Fact: There is no reason to change allergy medication if you have found one that works. You cannot build up a tolerance to antihistamines like Reactine, which is proven effective in relieving both indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms.

Myth: Hayfever is caused by flowering plants.

Fact: Hayfever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, is caused by an allergy to airbourne pollen from wind pollinated grass, weed and tree species. The pollen from flowering plants is large and sticky, meaning it does not blow very far and generally does not cause an allergic reaction. When people complain about scented flowers irritating them, it is usually due to a chemical reaction from the perfume rather than pollen.

Myth: Allergies are annoying but are generally harmless to your health.

Fact: If left untreated, allergies can disrupt sleep, learning, and possibly result in chronic respiratory problems like asthma or sinusitis. Non-drowsy antihistamines like Reactine relieve allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours.

- News Canada

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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