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The GetSet for Health website is an online resource for any company that wants it’s products and services to be known to others around the world. It is also a great resource for the person looking for health related information, products and services

GetSet for Health brings helpful information and reliable resources to the online community while still promoting GetSet! Communications growing number of health related clients.

For more information on GetSet! Communications Inc please visit our website at

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Benefits of Advertising on GetSet For Health
Tale the Search Engine Challenge...
Using google, Yahoo or MSN search for any of the companies at the top of the listings and you will see that consistently the GetSet for Health listing appears at the top of the Search Engine rankings.
If the company website appears above our listing it is probably because we put them there.

With over 10,000 unique visitors a month on our promotional pages people are looking here or the information they need to find the products and services they need.  We place the business sectors in an easy to find directory structure so that your customers can locate you by browsing or by using the search feature.

But what if they can’t find You?

This is one of the most critical questions you can ask when advertising on the internet. Even if you have spent several thousand dollars designing a professional and informative website, if nobody can find your site, of what value is it? By advertising on GetSet for Health not only will we send customers your way through links to your website but it will also increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Their spiders are constantly on our site, looking for new content and following links to our featured members.

Please ask us about how a GetSet for Health listing can be an effective part of an Integrated Search Engine Optimization package. Be found!

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GetSet For Health Programs

We have several programs available to suit your advertising needs. Obviously choosing one of the better packages will increase your exposure.

Standard Program: This is our free service, you may place your ad in any one category. Simply fill out the form on the website and once it is approved you will be listed.

Bronze Program: For a one time fee of $99.00 we will add a logo to your listing and allow you to add your site to a second category. Bronze members appear before Standard members in a directory search.

Silver Program: includes the bronze program plus a one page description of your company, with one extra photo.  Adding the extra page will dramatically increase your exposure by:

  • Making more content searchable within the website
  • Providing another unique webpage for your business, with an easy-to-find URL.
  • Increasing significance for the search engine spiders

Silver members appear before bronze members.
Cost: $299/year or  $29.00/month

Banner Program: Add to the silver program a Section Sponsor Banner.

The banner in the category and subcategory where your listings appears. Your company will also be shown as a section sponsor at the bottom of the page. This is to improve your Search Engine rankings. Gold members appear before Silver Members. (all banners appear in Rotation)

60 x 120 Right Side Banner in 4 Sub Categories 199.00/year or 19.00/month
60 x 470 Head Banner on Home Page and 4 Subcategories 499.00/year or 49.00/month
160 x 600 Right Side Banner in 4 Sub Categories 399.00/year or 39.00/month
90 x728 Footer in 4 Sub Categories 399.00/year or 39.00/month


Platinum Program: If you don’t have a website or require business class servers to host an exisitng website, we would be pleased to give you a quotation. Platinum members gain the most exposure on the website.

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Banner formats: GIF, JPG, PNG or SWF

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Heart Attack Early Warning Signs

(NC)—Heart disease is a leading cause of death for Canadian men and women.1 Chest pain (a classic symptom of angina or heart attack) occurs when not enough blood is reaching the heart muscles due to the narrowing of the heart's coronary arteries or complete blockage of these arteries. Learn the signs of a heart attack and the steps to take if you or a loved one experience these signs:

  • Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the centre of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back
  • Pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck or arms
  • Chest discomfort with lightheadness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath
  • Atypical chest pain, stomach or abdominal pain; nausea or dizziness
  • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • Unexplained anxiety, weakness or fatigue

Not all of these signs occur in every attack. Sometimes they go away and return. If any occur, get help fast.

If you or someone else is having heart attack warning signs, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

Speak to your doctor to determine your level of risk and to discuss what measures you can take to reduce the risk of heart attack.

1 Selected leading causes of death by sex, Canada, 1997. Statistics Canada. (November 22, 2002).

- News Canada

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