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Fitness & ExerciseFitness and Exercise refers to bodily activity that strengthens muscles, induces weight loss, or helps promote good physical health. Fitness and exercise has also been proven to help combat depression and bring about positive mental health. Categories include: Bicycles, Fitness Bootcamps, Exercise Equipment, Fitness Centres and Spas, Martial Arts, Pilates, Fitness Training and Yoga

Listings: All
Listings by Country (Total Listings: 327)
Australia 20 Canada 132 UK (Great Britian) 4
United States 117
Listings by Subcategory
Bootcamps 12 Yoga 87 Pilates 22
Exercise Equipment 5 Bicycles 74 Training 26
Fitness Centres 15 Martial Arts 11 Water Sports 1
Team Sports 6 Winter Sports 18 Outdoor Activities 6

Fitness & Exercise Category Sponsors

Environ Electric Bike Rentals

Environ Electric Bike Rentals

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Turn-key business opportunity which will generate a very profitable income.
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Urban Fitness Bootcamp

Urban Fitness Bootcamp

Blue Mountain Park, 975 King Albert Avenue, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Phone: 604-518-5204   Fax: 604-939-6518 Email:
Urban bootcamp is a comprehensive outdoor physical conditioning program that combines strength and cardiovascular exercises to achieve total body training.
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