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Bare your skin with confidence

(NC)—Summer is a sensual season for fashion with its fabrics, cutaway shapes and colours designed to flatter every woman. It would appear, as well, that Canadian women do indeed seize the moment in this regard. As many as 71 per cent reported to be generally 'happy with their physical appearance', according to survey results by the skin care brand, Mederma.

Summer fashion can be unforgiving however. Women who play sports, or those who are mothers, or women just being active women, often have a few stretch marks or scarring to contend with, a fact confirmed by 85 per cent of those polled. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive interviewed 506 female Canadians aged 18 and older – and the good news is: no one has to feel alone with the frustration of skin imperfections. Here's a snapshot:

• 72 per centof womensay they have a scar, including nearly half (46%) who have scars from surgery;

• 43 per cent have scars due to an injury;

• 59 per cent of women say they have stretch marks and 33% say the marks came from pregnancy;

• 31 per cent say stretch marks have developed from weight gain or weight loss.

“We found that skin imperfections do have an impact on overall self-confidence,” says Bob Bennett, the business unit director at Mederma, the brand line proven to reduce the appearance of such marks. “One in five women told us that they think about it every day; 50 per cent said they feel that scars are generally unappealing, whether on men or on women; and 53 per cent said they had negative feelings when seeing their stretch marks.”

So at this time of year, a season to dress in very little and head outdoors for all the socializing summer has to offer, here's a little guidance from Dr. Arie Benchetrit, a certified plastic surgeon and the medical director of the Cosmedica clinic in Montreal:

“For my patients who are concerned about skin imperfections, I often recommend using a topical treatment containing the proprietary botanical extract, cepalin. In gel form it's a pleasant-smelling extract from the onion family which, for 77 per cent of test patients, has clinically shown to reduce discoloration, improve texture, enhance skin softness and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. The cepalin ingredient is available in over-the-counter products so do read the labels or ask a pharmacist for assistance.”

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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