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Feb 2011  Aromatherapy treatments for PMS  West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 
Feb 2011  5 Tips to fight the fat 
Feb 2011  Is your fatigure caused by iron deficiency 
Jan 2011  Aromatherapy and Menopause  West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 
Jan 2011  Seizures 101: 10 tips for helping someone through a convulsive seizure 
Jan 2011  Using Aromatherapy for treating Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia  West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 
Jun 2010  Create your own natural medicine cabinet 
Jan 2010  Back Surgery for a Herniated Disc?  The Healthy Back Institute 
Jan 2010  Myrtle provides protection during major life transitions  West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 
Dec 2009  Bach Remedies for Pets  Healing Herbs Ltd 
Dec 2009  A New Kind of Loveā€¦for Salad 
Dec 2009  Hearty Slap Shot Salad 
Dec 2009  Mini coffee cakes make a healthy breakfast  Ontario Potato Board 
Dec 2009  Why does arthritis hurt so much? 
Oct 2009  Assistance Providers for those suffering a critical illness 
Oct 2009  Enviromentally Responsible Shopping 
Oct 2009  Canadian stars encourage kids to be healthy by tackling Childhood Obesity   
Oct 2009  Questions and Answers about Chrons and Colitis 
Sep 2009  What is the Five Flower Remedy?  Healing Herbs Ltd 
Sep 2009  Don't let Breast Cancer Return 
Aug 2009  Sweet and Spicy   
Aug 2009  Yogurt is a natural choice for a healthy diet 
Aug 2009  Essential Oil Phototoxicity - Essential Oil Safety Issues  West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy 
Aug 2009  Tis the season for seasonal allergies (Video) 
Jul 2009  The Dirt on Stain Removal Video 
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