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Healing Herbs Ltd was set up in 1988 to prepare Bach flower remedies according to the original directions of Dr Bach. That is why we use the trees and plants which are healthy and in full bloom to prepa the mother tinctures on perfect sunny days. We put the forces of nature at the heart of our production process. We pay full attention to every part of the production process and provide a true service to our customers because we are not a ‘volume producer.

Julian Barnard runs Healing Herbs Ltd. He is known internationally as an essence maker, author and teacher on the subject of Dr Bach and his flower remedies and has been involved with the remedies since 1976 and

We believe that there is a link between all the people involved in essence production - from the bowl set out in the sunshine, to the individuals who take the remedy for themselves. We all contribute to the quality of the flower essences. We want our customers to have a direct link to the bright days and perfect flowers from which our essences are made.

Location: PO Box 65, Hereford, England, UK (Great Britian)
Phone: +44 1873 890218
E-mail: Click Here
Healing Herbs Ltd
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