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Canadian Institute for Education on Family (CIEF)
Mission: Our mission is to education and inform the public in Canada as to societal trends and social practices that impact families and children. Goals: Our goal is to provide a balanced approach to discussions and attitudes regarding the family and one that promotes the well-being of children. To accomplish these goals, the Institute commissions and carries out objective professional research. The research relates primarily to gathering information and understanding the positive and negative attributes of the family structure in Canada as well as changes that have occurred and trends which appear to be developing. Our aim is to produce and distribute reliable information to provoke meaningful and rational discussion. This information fulfills several purposes: -Educate the public -Identify social trends and customs that may strengthen or weaken the family -Evaluate whether or not these changes appear to be beneficial or harmful to the community at large In recent decades the structure of some families may have changed, but the purpose of the family has not changed. As the basic unit of society, the family is critical to our individual well-being and to the well-being of society. The future of our country depends on the strength of our families. Strong families make a strong country. The Institute is committed to strengthening the family unit and helping families cope with social pressures that undermine the family. Activities: Our programs create information and contribute to the public debate on issues important to the well-being of the Canadian family. These programs include: -Family Commentary To distribute a monthly commentary on topics important to the well-being of the family. -Research Reports To provide an in-depth look at issues, practices, and policies relating to children and the family. -Seminars and Conferences To inform and encourage public debate. -Briefings and News Services To provide briefings by fax and email distribution network. -Website To provide access to information, studies and reports on family issues.
Location: P. O. Box 2376 Station R, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 306.253.4789
Fax: 306.253.4365
E-mail: Click Here
Canadian Institute for Education on Family (CIEF)
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