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BC Alliance Of Aromatherapy

The British Columbia Alliance Of Aromatherapy, (BCAOA), is an association dedicated to the establishment of the profession of aromatherapy/essential oil therapy in the Province of British Columbia. BCAOA was registered in February 1999, under the Society Act of the province of British Columbia, Canada.

It was formed by representatives of 16 different associations who had concerns that the practice of aromatherapy/essential oil therapy was being threatened by changes to laws and regulations at both the provincial and federal level.

In December 1999, BCAOA applied for registration as a professional association under the Health Act of British Columbia. The application is pending hearings.

Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: 604-535-0498
Fax: 604-535-0491
E-mail: Click Here
BC Alliance Of Aromatherapy
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Dec 2007  Family Health: Good nutrition equates to good health  BC Alliance Of Aromatherapy 
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